Wiezenbock All Grain

I brewed a Wiezenbock this weekend

Wiezenbock All Grain.


Next semester’s plan

With classes starting up in a week it is time to set some goals for the semester. I have been on vacation camping for the last two weeks and all the intense news has made an intimidating prospect for blogging. The more I learn about the Gaza-Israel conflict the more I realize I am not qualified to talk about it. I plan on getting back into a regular blogging schedule once this week is over. This next semester I really want to be productive so I can land a good job for the summer.  I have a real problem with hitting snooze for an hour if I don’t have anywhere to go in the early morning which will suck next semester when my first class ins’t until 11.

Get over a 3.75 for the semester
– Put in three hours of study time for each hour of in class material in my harder three classes
– Put in an hour of study time for each hour of in class material in my two easier classes
– Miss less than one class a week for any reason
Improve my health
– Do a core and upper body workout five days a week
– Run at least 3 miles four times a week
– Meditate every morning
Be creative
– Blog at least three times a week
– Draw at least three times a week
– Read every day for half an hour
Improve my Home brew
– Move to all grain brews
– Brew at least once a month
– Learn about the science behind brewing
– Work on getting a recipe that would be worth bringing to a home brew festival

I will be adding goals to this list and how I will achieve them as the semester starts.  I like to use chains to keep track of how I am doing  so that will be how I measure my daily goals.  I will also be working and in band this semester so that adds to my work load but with dedication I know I can do well this semester.

The Joy of Getting a Letter

I love getting things in the mail, whether it be a game, or a book, or even my razors.  The joy of getting something tangible is great, but what is better than getting stuff is getting a letter.  Letters always make me smile so much.  They are a dying art form but I believe a proper letter should be cherished.  Love letters or letters home just aren’t as common a they once were more that we can call our loved ones whenever we want.  I can call to let my loved ones know I care about them but they don’t get an object they can hold when I do that.  You can’t replay a phone call like you can re-read a letter.  I keep all the letters I get to be able to remember all the important people in my life and I feel like we lose that kind of connection with cell phones.

Computer Gets a Third of Judges to Think it is Human

While the computer did not pass the Turing Test, which is designed to show if a computer exhibits intelligent behavior, it did fool a third of the judges. The Turing Test is meant to show if a computer is intelligent by fooling people into thinking it is human. The judges had a five minute text based conversation with the computer and made a third of them think it was a 13 year old boy. This test is meant to determine if a machine can think by being able to make others think it is human. A computer passing the test would be a huge milestone in AI. While it did not fool a majority of the people who “spoke” to this computer this is the best at the endeavor so far. As technology improves and logic algorithms continue to get better as the work continues it will not be long before a machine passes the Turing Test.

3D printer for 150 dollars, sounds like a deal

The new matter MOD-t is now as cheap as $149. This makes it the cheapest 3D printer and well within most nerd’s budgets. It is capable of printing 6 in by 5 in by 4 in objects which is about medium size for 3D printers. Just like how 2D printers prices dropped at time went on to the point that most homes have at least one printer I think 3D printers are going to same way. In a few short decades I think every home with a computer will probably have a 3D printer and blueprints for most small household items will be found on the internet. I am really excited to see the advancements in 3D printing and what changes having the ability to make most small objects from the comfort of your home with only your imagination as your limit will cause to society.

Indiegogo Page

Looks like Google is getting into the home security game

I am a huge fan of Google.  I am a fan boy for Google like hipsters are for apple.  My phone is android, my browser is chrome, my primary email is Gmail so Google pretty much knows everything about me and I have come to accept that.  I don’t inherently like that all my personal information is possessed by companies like Google and government bodies like the NSA but it seems like that is the direction the world is moving in.  That being said I don’t know how I would feel about using Google home security.  Letting one company have so much knowledge about my life seems a bit scary.  I feel like I wouldn’t want one company to have all my information and have the ability to see my home surveillance footage.  What if something like a security breach in the company happens, if the company that had that breach had all of my info it is all gone.  If I have a company that does my home surveillance and another for my internet use and another for other aspects of my life maybe the odds of  a breach go up but at least they wouldn’t have everything all at once.  Maybe I am just being paranoid but I think I will keep my home security and my shopping habits in the hands of different companies.  The move to buy Dropcam does seem like a good business move though and makes sense to compete with Apple but I really don’t think I would want either company having access to my security.


NBC LosAngeles Article 

Three months living off mealworms? For Science!

A team of three people from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics lived 105 days off a diet of mealworms and plants. Why? to prove they could. The team was testing the effects of a mealworm diet to see if it could be used in future space missions. They lived in a self contained unit “Moon Palace 1” and lived off bugs that were fed on plants they grew in the unit. Being able to grow a food source in such a small and enclosed areas and remain nourished off of it seems promising for future space missions such as a moon lab and future manned mars missions.

Bug diets have been recommended for people in malnourished areas who need increased protein and once the stigma of eating bugs is removed it doesn’t seem that different from eating something like a lobster or crab. Both foods have exoskeletons and when seen before prepared seem creepy and crawly but shell fish is considered a normal food. I think once bugs like meal worms are mass farmed for food like shell fish are it will become common place to eat them, especially as population growth makes it hard for large farm animals such as cows to fill the world’s protein needs.

SpaceDaily Article

Transformers for tables

Do you want you table to be a transformer? Roombots are modular robots that have motors that allow them to rotate and move to connect with other Roombots and form furniture that can transform. These cool little guys can transform into any furniture you can imagine if you have enough creativity. Illustrating the usefulness of modular robotics they are able to move around and join together to create futuristic household items that are pretty much transformers. The future looks really bright for home use of modular robotics, and as soon mass production of these little guys begins I’m going to try to get my hands on them to make myself a transformer table.

Taking a before pic is the hardest part?

This summer I was going to do research but that fell through last minute so I am back at my old job living with my parents… Which is kind of disappointing but it is giving me an opportunity that I may never have again in my life to better myself. All I have to do right now is work, no classes, no band, no homework, nothing but work 8 hours a day. I am going to use this summer to better myself, to get in shape, to learn new things, to create the habits I want to have for the rest of my life. At the start of the week I took a before picture and at the end of the summer I will post the before picture and after picture and hopefully have a noticeable change in my body shape.

I am using https://chains.cc/#_=_ to track my progress and form habits.
The things I want to do every day are
Wake up by Seven AM
Create something (either art or writing, just be creative)
Go to bed by midnight
Do a core and chest workout

I have a three day streak going for most of them and hope to turn it into a 90 day streak by the end of the summer. Every goal takes dedication every day and that is what I am working toward. I am also looking to find other things to learn to better myself over the summer, I might try to learn a second language and make some other progressions in my life. I will have to see where the summer takes me.


Spoilers obviously but it is a two year old movie so I think that is ok.

Yesterday I watch Kumare, which is about an American born and raised man with Indian heritage who becomes a “fake guru” which seems a bit redundant. Vikram Gandhi is the real name of Kumare and the man with the idea. This movie is a great example of how easy it is for some people to be taken advantage of by people claiming special knowledge such as religious leaders and new age spiritualists. Vikram’s philosophy was to tell his students he was an illusion and that they didn’t need a guru which I feel is the only way to trick people into thinking you are some kind of guru and still be morally permissible. The point was to illustrate how easy it is to fake being a guru which I feel it really accomplished. Parts of the movie were a little hard to watch because of how wholeheartedly these people believed in Kumare and the revile at the end of the movie is also hard to watch. In the end it seems that Vikram really helped these people not only better themselves but also to see through woo. It was really disheartening at the end of the movie though when some people still argued with Vikram saying he must have some kind of psychic powers but I guess you can’t reach everyone. I feel this is a must watch movie for everyone just to show how easy it is to fake being a spiritual or religious leader and take advantage of people like televangelists, psychics and gurus do.