Alum Cave Hike

Directly following the Chimney Tops hike I hiked Alum cave (not an actual cave) outside of Gatlinburg Tennessee.  I went on this hike with several cavers who were greatly disappointed there was no actual cave, but there was a staircase cut under the rock face which was very interesting and made the hike worth it.  Just like the first hike I decided to join just as people were walking out the door of the cabin.  Unlike the first hike though I was not dying part way through the hike to keep up with them.  This was a nice relaxing hike with a small elevation change which is what I was hoping the first hike would have been.  While there were spots with nice views of the creek that ran next to the trail and some good views over the forest at the end of the hike most of the first mile of the trail had the same greenery grown on both sides of the trail so dense that your view was completely blocked. This hike was about as difficult as the Cascades trail I have hiked which is to say not challenging at all but the views were a lot less rewarding, yet still worth the relaxing hike.


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