Dragon’s Tooth

Today I hiked Dragon’s Tooth with my lady friend and a friend of ours.  It was a 2.7 mile hike with most of the elevation change in the last .7 miles similar to the Chimney Tops hike I did recently.  We were all having a nice easy time until the last .7 miles which became a mix of trudging, climbing, and clinging to the rock face to make it to the summit.  Once at the top of the trail we climbed up the main tooth, well I climbed high enough to pop my head out and be exposed then went back down, while my friends climbed to the peak and sat for a while.  I searched for the summit geocach for a while but was unable to find it.  I still haven’t fully gotten the hang of finding cachs because my app gives me a plus or minus 4 meters when I get close to the final co-ordinates. Once the clouds started rolling in we climbed down to get to the car before the 30% chance of rain, but luckily for the people who stayed at the summit the rain never came.  This was probably the busiest I have seen a trail except for maybe the cascades on a beautiful spring day.


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