Run for Rememberance

This past weekend VT held the annual 3.2 for 32. April 16 2007 one of the greatest tragedies to happen on a college campus happened at Virginia Tech. There are no undergrad students who were present on the day of the event but the memory of the tragedy is still very alive in the student body. As Hokies we came together this past weekend to remember those we lost. We remember such a difficult event in our history with a lively event. As I write this I realize how great the run is to remember those we last rather than leaving a dark mark on our history with a day off from classes. We come together to celebrate life rather than remembering the horror of that day as cheesy as that sounds.

This was the first year I came out to do the run and play tuba in the pep band. On the 3.2 mile run at every turn there was a different on campus organization, mostly music groups, to cheer on the people doing the run. Those of us in the pep band ran slightly before the rest of the runners to make it to the 2 mile mark just before the tunnel into lane to play Tech Triumph and the Hokie Pokie along with other stand tunes for the runners. Normally I would avoid playing small band gigs like the plague because they are not enjoyable experiences. Most of our stand tunes are very drumline heavy and we never have enough drummer willing to do a pep gig to make a drumline. The small gigs always sound weak and are musically lacking. One of the favorite songs for drum majors to have us play in these small gigs is the Hokie Pokie where my fellow tubas and I have to dance around and play which is exhausting. We almost never have to play the Hokie Pokie more than two or three times in the span of a full football game but this weekend I lost count at the fourth time I had to dance it. I am still a little sore two days later and normally would have been very unhappy I was forced to dance the Hokie Pokie so many times after running two miles, but for this event I am ok with it.  It always makes me so happy to see kids and old hokies alike dancing like idiots with us.  I would not have come out to play if my lady friend did not talk me into going but not I wish I had done it the past two years as well.

The pep band

The pep band


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