Three months living off mealworms? For Science!

A team of three people from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics lived 105 days off a diet of mealworms and plants. Why? to prove they could. The team was testing the effects of a mealworm diet to see if it could be used in future space missions. They lived in a self contained unit “Moon Palace 1” and lived off bugs that were fed on plants they grew in the unit. Being able to grow a food source in such a small and enclosed areas and remain nourished off of it seems promising for future space missions such as a moon lab and future manned mars missions.

Bug diets have been recommended for people in malnourished areas who need increased protein and once the stigma of eating bugs is removed it doesn’t seem that different from eating something like a lobster or crab. Both foods have exoskeletons and when seen before prepared seem creepy and crawly but shell fish is considered a normal food. I think once bugs like meal worms are mass farmed for food like shell fish are it will become common place to eat them, especially as population growth makes it hard for large farm animals such as cows to fill the world’s protein needs.

SpaceDaily Article

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