3D printer for 150 dollars, sounds like a deal

The new matter MOD-t is now as cheap as $149. This makes it the cheapest 3D printer and well within most nerd’s budgets. It is capable of printing 6 in by 5 in by 4 in objects which is about medium size for 3D printers. Just like how 2D printers prices dropped at time went on to the point that most homes have at least one printer I think 3D printers are going to same way. In a few short decades I think every home with a computer will probably have a 3D printer and blueprints for most small household items will be found on the internet. I am really excited to see the advancements in 3D printing and what changes having the ability to make most small objects from the comfort of your home with only your imagination as your limit will cause to society.

Indiegogo Page

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