Next semester’s plan

With classes starting up in a week it is time to set some goals for the semester. I have been on vacation camping for the last two weeks and all the intense news has made an intimidating prospect for blogging. The more I learn about the Gaza-Israel conflict the more I realize I am not qualified to talk about it. I plan on getting back into a regular blogging schedule once this week is over. This next semester I really want to be productive so I can land a good job for the summer.  I have a real problem with hitting snooze for an hour if I don’t have anywhere to go in the early morning which will suck next semester when my first class ins’t until 11.

Get over a 3.75 for the semester
– Put in three hours of study time for each hour of in class material in my harder three classes
– Put in an hour of study time for each hour of in class material in my two easier classes
– Miss less than one class a week for any reason
Improve my health
– Do a core and upper body workout five days a week
– Run at least 3 miles four times a week
– Meditate every morning
Be creative
– Blog at least three times a week
– Draw at least three times a week
– Read every day for half an hour
Improve my Home brew
– Move to all grain brews
– Brew at least once a month
– Learn about the science behind brewing
– Work on getting a recipe that would be worth bringing to a home brew festival

I will be adding goals to this list and how I will achieve them as the semester starts.  I like to use chains to keep track of how I am doing  so that will be how I measure my daily goals.  I will also be working and in band this semester so that adds to my work load but with dedication I know I can do well this semester.

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