Bottom Creek Gorge Hike

This weekend we decided to explore a trail we haven’t checked out yet and is not extremely popular with other students.  We drove about an hour to Bottom Creek Gorge to see the second tallest waterfall in Virginia.  The drive was a bit harder than we expected with all the mountain driving but not an unpleasant drive.  We used the coordinates 37.130829, -80.180562 to find the trail head.  On the drive we passed a winery I plan on visiting on our next trip to Bottom Creek.

The trail splits into three paths making this a hike worth doing a few times in the same season.  We took the path that follows closer to the water up to the fall.  There was a small branch off the path that took you down to the water but most of the path you were a few dozen feet above the water.  I wished we had the time to take the longer blue path back but we had to take the main path which was fairly uninteresting back to the car.  The over look was worth the hike though.  Eating lunch at the overlook was worth the drive.  It was a beautiful view, debatably nicer than the dragon tooth’s view but without the difficult hike.

It should be worth coming back to see all the wild flowers once it warms up, but it was a little too cold for flowers when we went.  There was however a lot of animal life out and about, probably because so few people use this trail.  At the over look we saw two hawks flying over the fall.  On the was back we rounded a bend in the path and had to stop because we almost ran into two deer on the path.  They didn’t run off as we walked up to them but just slowly walked off the path and started eating less than two dozen feet away from us.  If nothing else the hike is worth the drive to avoid a crowded tourist hike on a beautiful day.

Dragon’s Tooth

Today I hiked Dragon’s Tooth with my lady friend and a friend of ours.  It was a 2.7 mile hike with most of the elevation change in the last .7 miles similar to the Chimney Tops hike I did recently.  We were all having a nice easy time until the last .7 miles which became a mix of trudging, climbing, and clinging to the rock face to make it to the summit.  Once at the top of the trail we climbed up the main tooth, well I climbed high enough to pop my head out and be exposed then went back down, while my friends climbed to the peak and sat for a while.  I searched for the summit geocach for a while but was unable to find it.  I still haven’t fully gotten the hang of finding cachs because my app gives me a plus or minus 4 meters when I get close to the final co-ordinates. Once the clouds started rolling in we climbed down to get to the car before the 30% chance of rain, but luckily for the people who stayed at the summit the rain never came.  This was probably the busiest I have seen a trail except for maybe the cascades on a beautiful spring day.