Spoilers obviously but it is a two year old movie so I think that is ok.

Yesterday I watch Kumare, which is about an American born and raised man with Indian heritage who becomes a “fake guru” which seems a bit redundant. Vikram Gandhi is the real name of Kumare and the man with the idea. This movie is a great example of how easy it is for some people to be taken advantage of by people claiming special knowledge such as religious leaders and new age spiritualists. Vikram’s philosophy was to tell his students he was an illusion and that they didn’t need a guru which I feel is the only way to trick people into thinking you are some kind of guru and still be morally permissible. The point was to illustrate how easy it is to fake being a guru which I feel it really accomplished. Parts of the movie were a little hard to watch because of how wholeheartedly these people believed in Kumare and the revile at the end of the movie is also hard to watch. In the end it seems that Vikram really helped these people not only better themselves but also to see through woo. It was really disheartening at the end of the movie though when some people still argued with Vikram saying he must have some kind of psychic powers but I guess you can’t reach everyone. I feel this is a must watch movie for everyone just to show how easy it is to fake being a spiritual or religious leader and take advantage of people like televangelists, psychics and gurus do.