Computer Gets a Third of Judges to Think it is Human

While the computer did not pass the Turing Test, which is designed to show if a computer exhibits intelligent behavior, it did fool a third of the judges. The Turing Test is meant to show if a computer is intelligent by fooling people into thinking it is human. The judges had a five minute text based conversation with the computer and made a third of them think it was a 13 year old boy. This test is meant to determine if a machine can think by being able to make others think it is human. A computer passing the test would be a huge milestone in AI. While it did not fool a majority of the people who “spoke” to this computer this is the best at the endeavor so far. As technology improves and logic algorithms continue to get better as the work continues it will not be long before a machine passes the Turing Test.

3D printer for 150 dollars, sounds like a deal

The new matter MOD-t is now as cheap as $149. This makes it the cheapest 3D printer and well within most nerd’s budgets. It is capable of printing 6 in by 5 in by 4 in objects which is about medium size for 3D printers. Just like how 2D printers prices dropped at time went on to the point that most homes have at least one printer I think 3D printers are going to same way. In a few short decades I think every home with a computer will probably have a 3D printer and blueprints for most small household items will be found on the internet. I am really excited to see the advancements in 3D printing and what changes having the ability to make most small objects from the comfort of your home with only your imagination as your limit will cause to society.

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Three months living off mealworms? For Science!

A team of three people from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics lived 105 days off a diet of mealworms and plants. Why? to prove they could. The team was testing the effects of a mealworm diet to see if it could be used in future space missions. They lived in a self contained unit “Moon Palace 1” and lived off bugs that were fed on plants they grew in the unit. Being able to grow a food source in such a small and enclosed areas and remain nourished off of it seems promising for future space missions such as a moon lab and future manned mars missions.

Bug diets have been recommended for people in malnourished areas who need increased protein and once the stigma of eating bugs is removed it doesn’t seem that different from eating something like a lobster or crab. Both foods have exoskeletons and when seen before prepared seem creepy and crawly but shell fish is considered a normal food. I think once bugs like meal worms are mass farmed for food like shell fish are it will become common place to eat them, especially as population growth makes it hard for large farm animals such as cows to fill the world’s protein needs.

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Transformers for tables

Do you want you table to be a transformer? Roombots are modular robots that have motors that allow them to rotate and move to connect with other Roombots and form furniture that can transform. These cool little guys can transform into any furniture you can imagine if you have enough creativity. Illustrating the usefulness of modular robotics they are able to move around and join together to create futuristic household items that are pretty much transformers. The future looks really bright for home use of modular robotics, and as soon mass production of these little guys begins I’m going to try to get my hands on them to make myself a transformer table.